Monday, June 24, 2013

The Status of Blogging

As you might have guessed, blogging is not our favorite thing to do. Not that we don't have a ton of new things and exciting projects to share with you, but art is more of a visual media form and spending so much time and energy on words just seems to be overkill. However, we will continue to keep this blog as an additional point of contact. The more ways you can get to us, the better!

For those that want to see what we are up to, feel free to follow us and say "hi" on instagram. We love meeting new people and always enjoy your comments. Plus we are actively updating it. Yay!

So as not to disappoint though, and since this is a blog post, our latest project, Fly Girls, is a collaboration with our friend Melodreama. Dropping this Thursday, this blind-boxed series showcases the kick ass female pilots of WW2!

Make sure you pick them up in our big cartel shop before they fly away forever. 

Stay nerdy!

Jenn and Tony Bot