Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Living the Brand

Since graduating from NKU in May, we've felt even more of a need to define ourselves and our brand. College was a time of growth and experimentation and now that we're in the real world, I've been feeling an ever-growing need to hone in on who were are and what we're all about. Since our work is such a large part of who we are it's very hard--actually, impossible--to separate our personal and business lives. We don't leave home to go to work everyday, so we can't leave it behind at the end of the day because truthfully, our work day never ends. Because of this, our styles are evolving--in the creative sense, social, and even fashion.

I've never thought of myself as fashionable. Quite the farthest thing from it, actually. But lately I've been looking at things in a new light. Ever since we've taken on our art as full-time gigs, I've been thinking more creatively with my style. I feel like our brand needs to encompass every aspect of our lives. We need to live it through and through. It's almost like a transformation from Jennifer to Jenn Bot. Weird? Maybe.

But one thing's for sure. I'm tired of blending in. I was never really one to go along with trends, so now that we have our own brand I'm finding it easier to choose things that reflect my personality and the vibe of our business: Quirky, cute, weird, and clever.

beep, boop, bop!

Jenn Bot


  1. Fashion aside, you never blend in! You're like an awesome shovel to the face.

  2. Dan: That's the sweetest thing ever! Thank you?


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