Monday, September 6, 2010

lubu: a superfacepunch of love!

It was inevitable. As with any technology, especially when it is a robot, it's only a matter of time before an upgrade is needed. And while we always thought our bots would be our primary focus as artists, we have come to find that they are only a small smattering of what we are and what we can make. The bots, while they will always be our golden child, ultimately led to us being pigeonholed. And with so many characters at our dispense, and with so many new ideas constantly popping up, we knew it was only a matter of time before bolts & bots would be no more.

So without further ado, it is our great pleasure to introduce the world to our new shop: lubu!

lubu: lu-bu [loo-boo]

-expression -verb -adjective

1. A term of affection.
2. To express ones love through a superfacepunch.
3. When an object is so kawaii that it makes your eyes bleed rainbows.

lubu, while purposely edgier, is not only the representation of our artistic vision, but also encompasses the years that we have spent together. When we first started dating, we used to tell each other "lubu" meaning "love you." With this in mind, as we began to brainstorm new names, it only seemed natural that we choose something that was as unique to us as the very art that we create. lubu therefore is our story, your story, and ultimately the story of our art.

As we begin to shift into lubu mode, be prepared! You will begin to find new things, old things, and things that may shock and/or impress you. And while the bots will still be here, they will be forced to share their space with all of the creatures that are in our heads.

Ultimately, this shop will allow us to branch out, expand our horizons, and explore new art forms. We will still continue to carry all of the polymer clay characters that you know and love, but we will also now begin to offer prints, plushes, screen printed items and custom vinyl characters.

So sit back, enjoy the ride, and be prepared for the superfacepunch of love that you are all about to endure.

beep! boop! bop!

Jenn and Tony Bot


  1. You guys are the shiz. Plain and simple. Everything you do is polymer clay plated GOLD.

  2. I'm with you all the way!! :-D :-D Whether you want it or not.

    GO LUBU!

    ... I just superfacepunched 5 people after typing that.

  3. Hey guys! This is awesome news! I can't wait to run home and tell Merc Bot all about it! I'm sure he will be pleased!


  4. You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for your unwavering support :D


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