Thursday, November 4, 2010

Behind the Bots - Photo Shoot

Sometimes shooting the pieces that Jenn makes can be a real chore. Once they are complete the pieces truly have a life of their own often dictating which side is their better angle, what lighting they look best in, and even occasionally going as far as to demand compensation for their time. What divas!!!

Case and point, here are some behind the scenes pictures of my most recent photo shoot with RAWR-o-saur and Labbit. From my experience the animals that Jenn creates are often the hardest to work with, but neither Jenn nor I expected this...

Silly Labbit, don't you know smoking can have adverse effects on your health!?

beep! boop! bop!
Tony Bot


  1. hahaaha awesome! Loved all the behind the scenes pictures and these are just hilarious :D

  2. Amorae - Thanks for stopping by our blog!! Glad to see you like everything. Thanks! ^__^


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