Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Busy Bots

It's hard to describe how insane this past month has been for the Jenn Bot and I. Since the Zeus show and the introduction of Astra and Vega, we have been asked to be part of four additional shows which all take place in October. YIKES! It has been exciting, stressful, and ultimately so much fun creating four unique characters for four amazing shows. And while we would love to spill the beans and show you everything we have, we can currently only share with you two of our newest pieces.


On October 1st, another one of our pieces found its way to LIFT Designer Toys and Gallery in Detroit for their MISSION: MUNNY show. The show was benefiting The Art Experience and welcomed any artist of any age to participate.

Being that our only parameter for the show was that we had to use the Munny platform for our piece, we went wild with ideas and then threw everything out the window for an idea that struck us at the very last minute.

The piece affectionately named Baby Betty, was inspired by our current obsession with the TV show Mad Men.

We don't know what we like more about her, the butt flap of the one piece pajamas, the throwback hair style, or the simplicity of her blanket.

Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead

Opening a week later in Romeo, Michigan, we were super excited to participate in Heather Hansma's Day of the Dead inspired show at Starkweather Arts Center. The show was easily one of our favorites to date as it pushed us to create in a venue that we have never explored: death.

When we started brainstorming the piece we knew we wanted two things. We wanted to customize a Dunny and we wanted the piece to be a take on the sugar skull, a traditional symbol in Mexican culture.

Needless to say what followed was one of our biggest headaches to date. Our initial idea was a logistical nightmare and perhaps too ambitious for the time constraints that we were faced with. Forced to regroup we visited an idea that we had been tossing around for quite some time: a dead bride.

Thus, our piece was born. Kind of. After four *bleeping* attempts, which were a result of polymer clay baking disasters, our piece appropriately titled "Till Death Do Us Part" left our studio.

In the end, the bride ended up being one of our favorite pieces to date. Plus all the sweat, insanity, and tears made it all the better. For something "dead" we formed quite an attachment to it.

Check back soon as more exciting reveals are coming!

beep! boop! bop!

Jenn and Tony Bot

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