Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Toys For Big Boys...And Girls!

Inspiration can come at any time, in any shape, and can literally rock the foundation of your entire life. For Jennifer and I, one of our biggest inspirations stems from one of our biggest obsessions: blind boxed urban art toys.

These toys are genius in themselves representing many different things to the artists who create them and in turn many different things to the artists who collect them. For us, they have become our muse a literal manifestation of everything we strive for as a business. More importantly though, while our own toy is a long term goal, the toys that we currently own have completely changed our business approach in the short term.

Toy prototype created in Rhino

We have come to realize with every Dunny that we collect, with every Droplet that we buy, and with every Marshall that stalks our shelves, that our robots are not just a figure, but rather a canvas that is filled with infinite potential.

A small portion of our toy collection

With that said, originally our robots were created in a way that every one of them embodied the world around us. They were our pop culture figures, they partook in our hobbies, and they even exuded human-like emotions. Our personal belief which in turn became our business motto was that each of these robots should all be linked together in a way that would be instantly recognizable. In other words, every robot would be the same shape and more importantly, share the same traits such as their heart.

And while we have no plans to abandon this design, we have begun to grow not only as a business, but as artists ourselves. The toys that surround us have ultimately changed us. For instance, when we now look at our robots we don't always see Britney Spears or Harry Potter. Instead we see a theme, a message, a completely blank canvas waiting to be filled.

Toy design prototype

Overall, this approach has been a long time coming, one that we have discussed in length and at times begrudgingly accepted. As with anything in life, it is easier to be set in one's way and stay the course, while it is much harder to meet a challenge head on and ultimately accept change.

This change, however, has proven to be an explosion of creativity that has been unmatched during any of our artistic stints. It has pushed us harder, forced us to find our own style, and steered us in a direction that has proven that our art is different and special.

Jenn customizing a toy

Ultimately, as we have begun to see, while Jennifer shapes the clay that makes our robots, it has become the artists that we admire that has begun to shape us.

beep, boop, bop!

Tony Bot


  1. I LOVE TOYS TOO!!! It's like our relationship was meant to be. I'm in love with you. I can't wait until we're all married.

    Lovingly yours,

    Your devoted stalker.

  2. I couldn't help but notice a lack of Android toys on your shelf.


  3. @Becky We accept your proposal but need you to sign a prenup in regards to our toy collection.

    @Dan We could have had a red Android toy the other night, but decided stealing may be crossing the line.

  4. I really like what you guys do. It's a testament to your creativity that you can find inspiration so easily and create such awesome works of art and put so much heart and soul into your bots. May the force be with you, always.


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