Friday, July 30, 2010

Zoo Adventures

Tony and I always enjoy spending a nice day at the Cincinnati Zoo. For the past couple of years I've been lucky enough to have been gifted a zoo membership for my birthday so we try to go as often as possible. We always have such a fun time together and there's always something new to look at.

Whenever we go, I insist that our first stop be to the Children's Petting Zoo. In high school I spent two summers volunteering here. While scooping poop, feeding barn animals, and grooming goats certainly isn't a glamorous job, I was passionate about it and found it really rewarding.

They've drastically changed the petting zoo since I volunteered here, but most of the animals are still the same. I primarily worked with the goats so I always get a kick out of seeing them.

While I'm always more than willing to pet the goats and sheep, Tony is sometimes a bit more hesitant. He's not always as willing to get his hands and clothes covered in the general grit that comes with barnyard creatures. But he's really just a softie at heart, so sometimes he just can't resist.

Since they've updated the petting zoo, they added these new food dispensers to the goat area. I'm not sure who's idea this was, but I think the goats are pretty pleased with the additions.

Plus they've added a new chicken coop and free roaming chickens and hens to the area. This is a really different experience as you're able to feed these guys, too. I wasn't too keen on having chickens peck willy-nilly at my palms, but Tony didn't mind the challenge.

Personally, I think the chicken had plans of his own.

Exploring the zoo, there are always plenty of opportunities to see actual wildlife roaming the property as well. You never quite know what's around the corner or hiding in the woods stalking you.

Every once in a while it's nice to take a rest from our trek, but in his typical fashion, it's never too long before Tony has to break into a dance.

Tragically, Tony got really into the dancing and didn't actually leave the zoo with me that day.

Basically, the zoo is an escape for us. We go there to clear our minds, observe the animals and, well, act like animals ourselves. Sometimes there's nothing better than just being silly.

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