Monday, July 12, 2010

Custom Droplet

Not too long ago Tony and I began collecting toys. Yep. Toys. Now these toys aren't just any Playskool children's play things. They're art toys. And while some may think they're just mere dust collectors (I'll admit that in a sense they truly are), our art toys mean so much more to the two of us. Not only are they inspirational, but they symbolize something much larger for us...a dream of sorts. One of our goals is to have a series of vinyl art toys produced. Maybe of our bots, maybe not. But until that goal can be reached, I've decided to throw my spin on the art toy scene by customizing some fairly well known figures with polymer clay.

my custom is on the left and the original Droplet is on the right

I've been working with polymer clay since I was a youngster. Throughout the years I've created more characters than I could possibly count, but it wasn't until recently that our love of art toys and my love of sculpting collided. After attempting to add another cute toy called a Droplet to our collection, we received a duplicate. Since I'm a hoarder, I couldn't possibly get rid of it (plus, it's so cute!) so instead I used it to my advantage and took out some creativity on the little guy. 500 pieces of clay later, this is the result! My first custom toy.

I have to give props to Tony for his amazing photography talent. Look at those bokehs!

To my complete surprise, the little bugger has been creating a bit of buzz across the interwebs which led me to hit up one of our favorite toy stores, my plastic heart, and purchase some more vinyls. So this week I'll be sketching up some more custom toy designs and hopefully next week I'll get to work on another one. The thought of creating more of these customs gets me all giddy with excitement so I can't wait to start and share!

beep, boop, bop!
Jenn Bot

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