Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Easy as...

As the literal in-house photographer for itty bitties for you and bolts and bots I commonly get asked two questions: What kind of camera do you use and what photography classes did you take? The answer, which is often a surprise to those that inquire is: I use a $100 Kodak Easyshare (the only camera that I own) and I have absolutely no photography training whatsoever.

With that said, I would like to say that photography has always been a passion of mine and that I spent years honing my skills and sharpening my eyes to capture the perfect shot. However, the reality is, all photos prior to launching itty bitties for you were simply recreational and also few and far between. And while I always enjoyed photography and even contemplated taking some courses in college I was completely clueless as we opened itty bitties for you how I was going to take product shots.

And just as I expected, the early days of itty bitties for you were rough. I tried photos of Jennifer's products indoors and out. I took them in the shade and then again in direct light. And I even tried to enhance her products by adding additional props within the frame. The results: each product would encounter hundreds of pictures that I would tirelessly sift through attempting to find just four that I could potentially use for an Etsy listing. The hours ultimately became long, frustrating, and probably a direct cause of my hair thinning.

Your photos will be good...when pigs fly

The changing point for me, however, came on my birthday a year later when Jennifer bought me a light box. The light box which is used for the sole purpose of creating an evenly spread, perfectly lit atmosphere was a true game changer for my photography. Immediately I went from taking hundreds of photos to little more than 20 per piece. Even better, instead of sifting through hundreds of blitzed, out of focus shots, I was going through 20 perfectly focused pictures and choose which one suited my eye the best.

The Box

The box, in turn, fueled my creativity making me love photography again and pushed me to use my imagination to make Jennifer's pieces come to life.

We are the Knights who say...

Ultimately, my photos and my skills are minuscule when compared to the great photographers that are out there. But while many pour thousands upon thousands of dollars into their equipment to get what they believe to be the perfect shot, I sit here with my Easyshare in hand and refine my craft to the level that I desire. After all photography, just like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

beep, boop, bop!

Tony Bot


  1. Do you have a lightbox large enough to fit me in there? I need some headshots.

  2. I'd like you to take my picture, please. I'll stuff myself in the light box and you can work your photography magic!

    Also, you may want to buy a replacement light box.

    Your photography is absolutely beautiful - we need to see a gallery of all your art! :-D

  3. Isn't a light box a T.V.?

  4. @Bob

    The bots typically refer to a T.V. as an idiot box.

    Our computer, however, has this special message for you...


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