Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my art is for me

Over the past couple of years I've found myself stuck in a major creative rut.

I'm not going to lie. Custom orders can get a little overwhelming at times. Ever since we opened up our first shop on Etsy, itty bitties for you, I've been churning out custom pet miniatures left and right. While these custom superhero pets stemmed from my adoration of dogs and I'm passionate about the idea, nothing drains your muse quicker than having people tell you exactly what to make down to the very last detail.

Super Baron Millo von Millano

And when we started selling on Etsy, custom orders were not my original intent.

For me, art is a very personal monster. And lately I've been trying very hard to come up with some original ideas. Between the hustle and bustle of school and cranking out more superhero pets than I can remember, it was all too easy to lose myself. And finally--finally--I think I'm finding my creative calling again.

Ever since we opened up our second Etsy shop, bolts & bots, little by little I've allowed myself to break free and create anything and everything I want. The bots have opened up a new world and because I created the character, I can literally do anything I please with them. And the best part? I can get away with it!

What, you've never seen a green mustached cat bot before?

And now that Tony left his job to became a full-time bot, I believe there's another creative evolution coming. I can feel the change upon me, the ideas have been flying left and right, and the creativity is electrifying.

The bots have definitely allowed me to go out on a limb and now it's time to take things one step further. I'm prepared to listen a bit closer to what my instinct is telling me and just go for it.

Looks like Trikky has plans of her own

Tony and I literally have a binder full of new plans and ideas. There will be a lot of collaborating between the two of us, and just as important, plenty of individual projects. I know he has many ideas up his sleeve and I'm really looking forward to seeing what he'll produce. As for myself, I'm going to continue to give it my all and really produce the best work that I possibly can. At the moment something is drawing me to customizing toys...and for the first time in a long time, I think I'm just going to ride the wave--no questions asked--and see where it takes me.

beep, boop, bop!
Jenn Bot

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  1. You cannot get away with it. I'm part of the CREATIVE POLICE!!! Down with INNOVATION!

    :-) You guys are fantastic and are doing amaaaazing things! Thanks for letting me stalk you guys and all you do!!


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