Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Me, Myself, and the Robot

It didn't take much convincing and it certainly wasn't a hard decision, but ultimately it might be one of the biggest leaps of faith I have ever made: the day I quit my job to become a full time robot.

The transformation was in all actuality painless.

Realistically speaking most people could never fathom taking such a risk. Our society is molded from complacency and it is human nature to seek the safest route. And while there is nothing wrong with this fact, I feel that you only live once. Granted, this mentality may be viewed as crazy, but what one sees as crazy I see as genius. Why be like all the others when you have a chance to stand alone, make an impact, and potentially change the very world that you live in?

I say this cautiously, however, as starting your own business is no easy task. It is defined by hard work, long hours, and literal frustration at every bend. It is hard enough to get one person to believe in you, it is even harder to get the masses to see your potential. And while we have received amazing compliments about our bots, ultimately compliments don't pay the bills.

But, happiness is key, and my happiness exists in the world that Jenn and I are creating. In my 8 years as a public servant, as nothing more than a peon at my local library, there was not one day that passed that I enjoyed what I was doing. I dreaded going to work, I longed for the chance to be home to play with the bots, and I hated myself for becoming just another cog in the machine. With that said, the lessons that I learned, however, were unmistakably lessons that I needed to have. The most important of which being: you should always do what you love.

Always do what you love...or else!

And so here we sit, redefining our lives, our business, and our world one bot at a time. This is our job, our adventure, and anyone is free to join in on our happiness at any time.

beep boop bop!
Tony Bot


  1. It looks like the jenn bot is holding a baby grenade. EPIC WIN!

  2. A baby grenade with the intentions to blow your face off with its awesomeness.


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